2021 ICPC Asia Taiwan Online Programming Contest

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Judging issues

本次競賽總共有兩次重判 (rejudge) ,細節請參考這裡

There were two rejudges in the contest. See this page for detail.


Final standings

最終排名 Final standings

Account Information Delivered


Team account information is delivered to all team members.

Practice Session (Schedule Updated)

2021 年 10 月 20 日 下午六點至 22 日 下午十一點三十分

From 18:30 on Octobor 20 to 23:30 on October 22, 2021 (GMT+8)


  1. 日期 Date
    2021 年 10 月 23 日 星期六
    Saturday, October 23, 2021
  2. 地點 Place
    線上 Online
  3. 競賽時間 Contest Time
    早上九點至十二點 (三小時)
    From 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon (3 hours)
  4. 題組 Problem Set
    總題數至少七題,所有題目均為英文,三分之一可由 Python 3 解出。 賽後將提供中文題解資料。
    There will be at least 7 problems to be solved. The description of each problem will be available in English. At least one third of them are solvable in Python 3. We will provide solution sketches for every problem in Mandarin.
  5. 報名 Registration
    請使用 ICPC 官方網頁註冊:
    Please visit the official website of the ICPC:
  6. 報名期限 Registration Deadline
    2021 年 10 月 17 日 星期日 Sunday, October 17, 2021



Contestants shall respect their opponents. Contestants shall abide the rules. Contestants shall compete for the honor of themselves, of their teams, and of their schools. Contestants shall not compromise the reputation of the society of competitive programming.


賽前教練需上傳表格保證該隊伍遵照規則進行比賽。 如違反下列規則,將導致參賽者失去參賽資格。
The coach has to submit a form to declare that the team abides by the rules during the contest. Contestants will be disqualified if they violate the following rules.

  1. 不得使用機器可讀的資料 No machine-readable preparation
    不得使用任何機器可讀的資料,如預先寫好存放於電腦中的程式碼。 但可以使用紙本資料,如教科書、字典、筆記以及列印好的紙本程式碼。
    No machine-readable materials (e.g., source codes, templates, etc.) are allowed. However, paper-based materials, such as textbooks, dictionaries, printed notes, etc., are allowed.
  2. 僅與隊友接觸 Only contact teammates
    在比賽過程中,參賽者只能與隊友討論。 競賽期間與教練或其他隊伍聯繫均屬違規行為。
    Contestants are only allowed to contact their teammates during the contest. Contestants shall not discuss with their coach and other teams.
  3. 網路使用限制 Limited accesses
    參賽者只能夠透過網路下載題目敘述、上傳解答程式碼、提問澄清疑點與查看計分板。 使用網路存取其他資訊均屬違規。
    Contestants shall only access the internet for downloading the problem description, submitting source codes, requesting problem clarification and checking the scoreboard. Any other type of internet access is prohibited.
  4. 限用一台電腦 One computer
    每個隊伍僅可使用一台電腦撰寫程式與上傳程式碼。 於競賽期間除使用印表機列印題目與程式碼以及透過額外的螢幕閱讀題目之外, 不得使用任何其他電子裝置。
    A team shall not simultaneously use more than one computer to write programs during the contest. Contestant shall not use any other type of electronic devices, except extra monitors and printers.
  5. 禁止惡意行為 No malicious actions
    All malicious actions interfering the contest are prohibited.

Scoring & Ranking

Important Dates

Judge Environment


AWS t2.small instance


Ubuntu 20.04

Compiler/Runtime Environment/Interpreter


Lazy Evaluation

The result of a rejected submission is the first encountered error. We do not prioritize timelimit, run-error, memory-limit, output-limit and no-output.


There is no penalty on compilation errors.


Contest Managers: mzshieh@icpc.tw